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Temporal CLI task-queue command reference

Task Queue commands allow operations to be performed on Task Queues. To run a Task Queue command, run temporal task-queue [command] [command options]


The temporal task-queue describe command provides poller information for a given Task Queue.

The Server records the last time of each poll request. A LastAccessTime value in excess of one minute can indicate the Worker is at capacity (all Workflow and Activity slots are full) or that the Worker has shut down. Workers are removed if 5 minutes have passed since the last poll request.

Information about the Task Queue can be returned to troubleshoot server issues.

temporal task-queue describe --task-queue=MyTaskQueue --task-queue-type="activity"

Use the following options to change the behavior of this command.


The temporal task-queue list-partition command displays the partitions of a Task Queue, along with the matching node they are assigned to.

Use the following options to change the command's behavior.


Fetch the sets of compatible build IDs associated with a Task Queue and associated information.


Determines whether Build IDs can be used for new, existing, or closed Workflows. Both the --build-id and --task-queue options can be specified multiple times. If a Task Queue isn't provided, reachability for the provided Build IDs is checked against all Task Queues.


Provides various commands for adding or changing the sets of compatible build IDs associated with a Task Queue. See the help text provided for each sub-command for more.