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How to get started with Temporal Cloud

Sign up for Temporal Cloud

To request a Temporal Cloud account, complete the request form.

You received email from Temporal that welcomes you to your new Temporal account. Your email address is now the first Global Admin for your account.

To get started with Temporal Cloud, follow these onboarding steps:

  1. Issue CA certificates.
  2. Create a Namespace.
  3. Invite users.
  4. Connect to Temporal Cloud.

Get started - Certificates

You must provide your own certificates to access Temporal Cloud. For certificate requirements, see the following:

Get started - Namespaces

If you don't already have a Namespace (or want to create another), see the following:

Create a Namespace in Temporal Cloud

Get started - Invite users

Adding a user to your Temporal Cloud account includes sending an email invite that the user must then accept. To add users, see the following:

How to invite users to your Temporal Cloud account

Get started - Connect

Connecting your Temporal Clients and Worker Processes to Temporal Cloud is similar to connecting them to your own Temporal Cluster. The primary difference is the requirement to provide client certificates and private keys.