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How to get started with Temporal Cloud

Sign up for Temporal Cloud

To request a Temporal Cloud account, complete the request form.

You received email from Temporal that welcomes you to your new Temporal account. Your email address is now the first Global Admin for your account.

To get started with Temporal Cloud, follow these onboarding steps:

  1. Issue CA certificates.
  2. Create a Namespace.
  3. Invite users.
  4. Connect to Temporal Cloud.

Issue CA certificates

You must provide your own certificates to access Temporal Cloud. For certificate requirements, see the following:

Create a Namespace

If you don't already have a Namespace (or want to create another), see the following:

Create a Namespace in Temporal Cloud

Invite users


Access to Temporal Cloud is authorized via single sign-on (SSO), currently limited to Google OAuth. The email addresses of all users who need access to Temporal Cloud must be registered with Google.

If an email address is not associated with a Google Account, the user must follow the instructions in the Use an existing email address section of Create a Google Account.

Important: Do not create a Gmail account when creating a Google Account.

When you create a user in Temporal Cloud, the prospective user receives an email invitation. Before accepting the invitation, the user must be logged in to Google using the email address that received the invitation. The user must then click Accept Invite in the message. Attempting to log in to Temporal Cloud without first accepting the invite doesn't work.

Roles and permissions

Each user in Temporal Cloud is assigned a Role. Each user can be assigned permissions for individual Namespaces.

Invite users using Web UI


To invite users, a user must have the Global Admin account-level Role.

  1. In Temporal Web UI, click Settings in the lower-left portion of the window.
  2. On the Settings page, click Create Users in the upper-right portion of the window.
  3. On the Create Users page in the Email Addresses box, type or paste one or more email addresses.
  4. In Account-Level Role, select a Role. The Role applies to all users whose email addresses appear in Email Addresses.
  5. If the account has any Namespaces, they are listed under Grant access to Namespaces. To add a permission, select the checkbox next to a Namespace, and then select a permission. Repeat as needed.
  6. When all permissions are assigned, click Send Invite.

Temporal sends an email message to each user. To join Temporal Cloud, a user must click Accept Invite in the message.

Connect to Temporal Cloud

Connecting your Temporal ClientsLink preview iconWhat is a Temporal Client

A Temporal Client, provided by a Temporal SDK, provides a set of APIs to communicate with a Temporal Cluster.

Learn more and Worker ProcessesLink preview iconWhat is a Worker Process?

A Worker Process is responsible for polling a Task Queue, dequeueing a Task, executing your code in response to a Task, and responding to the Temporal Server with the results.

Learn more to Temporal Cloud is similar to connecting them to your own Temporal Cluster. The primary difference is the requirement to provide client certificates and private keys.