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Service availability - Temporal Cloud

The operating envelope of Temporal Cloud includes availability, regions, throughput, latency, and limits. If you need more details, contact us.

Available regions

Where is Temporal Cloud available?

Developers and applications can access Temporal Cloud from any location with internet connectivity, irrespective of where the Temporal Cloud resources (Namespaces) are located.

Temporal Cloud is compatible with applications deployed in various cloud environments or data centers.

To minimize latency, we advise creating your Namespace in a region geographically close to your Workers' hosting location.

Currently, Temporal Cloud operates in several regions on Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Asia Pacificap-northeast-1Tokyo
Asia Pacificap-northeast-2Seoul
Asia Pacificap-south-1Mumbai
Asia Pacificap-southeast-1Singapore
Asia Pacificap-southeast-2Sydney
North Americaca-central-1Central Canada
North Americaus-east-1Northern Virginia
North Americaus-east-2Ohio
North Americaus-west-2Oregon
South Americasa-east-1São Paulo

Your Workers and Client code aren't required to be hosted on AWS.

Throughput expectations

What kind of throughput can I get with Temporal Cloud?

Each Namespace has a rate limit, which is measured in Actions per second (APS). A Namespace's default limit is set at 400 APS and automatically adjusts based on recent usage (over the prior 7 days). Your throughput limit will never fall below this default value.

When your Action rate exceeds your quota, Temporal Cloud throttles Actions until the rate matches your quota. Throttling means limiting the rate at which Actions are performed to prevent the Namespace from exceeding its APS limit. Even when throttled, Actions like Start or Signal Workflow Execution always receive higher priority than other Actions.

If your usage grows slowly, your throughput limit grows with your usage. At times, you may hit a maximum throughput threshold and need to switch to a higher consumption tier. Learn more about our tiers by visiting our information page or reach out to our team to help size your number of Actions. Temporal Cloud can provide more than 150,000 Actions per second at its highest tier.

Latency Service Level Objective (SLO)

What kind of latency can I expect from Temporal Cloud?

Temporal Cloud has a p99 latency SLO of 200ms per region.

In March 2024, latency over a week-long period for starting and signaling Workflow Executions was as follows:


As Temporal continues working on improving latencies, these numbers will progressively decrease.

Latency observed from the Temporal Client is influenced by other system components like the Codec Server, egress proxy, and the network itself. Also, concurrent operations on the same Workflow Execution may result in higher latency.