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What kind of support does Temporal Cloud provide?

We have an active community Slack and an active community Discourse forum where you can post questions and ask for help. We also offer a ticketing system for Temporal Cloud customers.

How to create a ticket for Temporal Support


This procedure applies only to Temporal Cloud customers whose contracts include paid support. If you need assistance and don't have paid support, post your request in the Temporal Community Forum or the #support-cloud channel of the Temporal workspace in Slack.

To request assistance from Temporal Support, create a ticket in Zendesk:

  1. Go to
  2. Use your Temporal Support credentials to sign in.
  3. Choose Create a ticket.
  4. On the Submit a request page, choose your issue. Unless your request involves one of the specific areas listed, choose Submit a Ticket.
  5. In the form, enter the details of your request. Subject and Description are required.
  6. If you specify Priority (available only on the default form), follow these guidelines:
    • Select Normal for most issues.
    • Select High only for issues to which your service-level agreement (SLA) applies. If you're not sure, select Normal.
    • Select Page only if you are experiencing a complete service outage and urgently need contact with an on-call support person.
  7. At the bottom of the form, choose Submit.