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tcld command reference

The Temporal Cloud CLI (tcld) is a command-line tool that you can use to interact with Temporal Cloud.

tcld commands

Global modifiers


Automatically confirm all prompts.

You can specify the value for this modifier by setting the AUTO_CONFIRM environment variable. The default value is false.

How to install tcld

You can install tcld in two ways.

Install tcld by using Homebrew

brew install temporalio/brew/tcld

Build tcld from source

  1. Verify that you have Go 1.18 or later installed.

    go version

    If Go 1.18 or later is not installed, follow the Download and install instructions on the Go website.

  2. Clone the tcld repository and run make.

    git clone
    cd tcld
  3. Copy the tcld executable to any directory that appears in the PATH environment variable, such as /usr/local/bin.

    cp tcld /usr/local/bin/tcld
  4. Verify that tcld is installed.

    tcld version