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How to visualize an Activity Retry Policy with timeouts

Use this tool to visualize total Activity Execution times and experiment with different Activity timeouts and Retry Policies. For a list of Activity Task Execution times, use this calculator.

The simulator is based on a common Activity use-case, which is to call a third party HTTP API and return the results. See the example code snippets below.

Use the Activity Retries settings to configure how long the API request takes to succeed or fail. There is an option to generate scenarios. The Task Time in Queue simulates the time the Activity Task might be waiting in the Task Queue.

Use the Activity Timeouts and Retry Policy settings to see how they impact the success or failure of an Activity Execution.

Sample Activity

import axios from 'axios';

async function testActivity(url: string): Promise<void> {
await axios.get(url);

export default testActivity;

Activity Retries (in ms)


Activity Timeouts (in ms)

Retry Policy (in ms)

Success after 1 ms

"startToCloseTimeout": 10000,
"retryPolicy": {
"backoffCoefficient": 2,
"initialInterval": 1000