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Asynchronous Activity Completion

Asynchronous Activity Completion enables the Activity Function to return without the Activity Execution completing.

There are three steps to follow:

  1. The Activity provides the external system with identifying information needed to complete the Activity Execution. Identifying information can be a Task Token, or a combination of Namespace, Workflow Id, and Activity Id.

  2. The Activity Function completes in a way that identifies it as waiting to be completed by an external system.

  3. The Temporal Client is used to Heartbeat and complete the Activity.

  4. Provide the external system with a Task Token to complete the Activity Execution. To do this, use the GetInfo() API from the package.

// Retrieve the Activity information needed to asynchronously complete the Activity.
activityInfo := activity.GetInfo(ctx)
taskToken := activityInfo.TaskToken
// Send the taskToken to the external service that will complete the Activity.
  1. Return an activity.ErrResultPending error to indicate that the Activity is completing asynchronously.
return "", activity.ErrResultPending
  1. Use the Temporal Client to complete the Activity using the Task Token.
// Instantiate a Temporal service client.
// The same client can be used to complete or fail any number of Activities.
// The client is a heavyweight object that should be created once per process.
temporalClient, err := client.Dial(client.Options{})

// Complete the Activity.
temporalClient.CompleteActivity(context.Background(), taskToken, result, nil)

The following are the parameters of the CompleteActivity function:

  • taskToken: The value of the binary TaskToken field of the ActivityInfo struct retrieved inside the Activity.
  • result: The return value to record for the Activity. The type of this value must match the type of the return value declared by the Activity function.
  • err: The error code to return if the Activity terminates with an error.

If error is not null, the value of the result field is ignored.

To fail the Activity, you would do the following:

// Fail the Activity.
client.CompleteActivity(context.Background(), taskToken, nil, err)