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Continue-As-New enables a Workflow Execution to close successfully and create a new Workflow Execution in a single atomic operation if the number of Events in the Event History is becoming too large. The Workflow Execution spawned from the use of Continue-As-New has the same Workflow Id, a new Run Id, and a fresh Event History and is passed all the appropriate parameters.

To cause a Workflow Execution to Continue-As-New, the Workflow function should return the result of the continueAsNew.


import { continueAsNew, log, sleep } from '@temporalio/workflow';

export async function loopingWorkflow(iteration = 0): Promise<void> {
if (iteration === 10) {
}'Running Workflow iteration', { iteration });
await sleep(1000);
// Must match the arguments expected by `loopingWorkflow`
await continueAsNew<typeof loopingWorkflow>(iteration + 1);
// Unreachable code, continueAsNew is like `process.exit` and will stop execution once called.