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Temporal development features

Through a Temporal SDK, Temporal provides a wide range of features that enable developers to build applications that serve a wide range of use cases.

  • Core application primitives: Develop and run your application with Workflows, Activities, and Workers.
  • Testing suite: Each Temporal SDK comes with a testing suite that enables developers to test their applications as they would any other.
  • Temporal Clients: Communicate with the Temporal Service to start your application, send it messages, cancel a business process, and more.
  • Scheduled Workflows: Start a business process at a specific time or on a given time interval.
  • Cancellation: Cancel a business process that is already in progress and compensate for any steps already taken.
  • Runtime safeguards: Prevent avoidable errors and issues from executing during runtime.
  • Failure detection and mitigation: Detect failures with timeouts and configure automatic retries to mitigate them.
  • Workflow message passing: Build responsive applications that react to events at runtime and enable data retrieval from ongoing Workflows.
  • Versioning: Support multiple versions of your business logic for long-running business processes.
  • Observability: List business process, view their state, and setup dashboards with metrics.
  • Debugging: Surface errors and step through code to find issues.
  • Data encryption: Transform data and protect the privacy of the users of your application.
  • Throughput composability: Breakup business processes by data streams, team ownership, or other organization factors.