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Core application - Temporal development feature

Workflows, Activities, and Workers form the core parts of a Temporal Application.

Workflows: A Workflow defines the overall flow of the application. You write it in your programming language of choice using the Temporal SDK. Conceptually, a Workflow specifies a sequence of steps and orchestrates the execution of Activities.

Activities: An Activity is a method or function that encapsulates business logic prone to failure (e.g., calling a service that may go down). The system can automatically retry these Activities upon some failures. Activities perform a single, well-defined action, such as calling another service, transcoding a media file, or sending an email message.

Workers: A Worker executes your Workflow and Activity code.

Follow one of our tutorials to Get started learning how to develop Workflows and Activities and run them in Worker Processes.

Or jump straight to a Temporal SDK feature guide:

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