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Non-determinism issues for Run Ids

The current Run Id is mutable and can change during a Workflow Retry. You should not rely on storing the current Run Id, or using it for any logical choices, because a Workflow Retry changes the Run Id and can lead to non-determinism issues.

Operations that lead to non-determinism issues

An operation like ContinueAsNew, Retry, Cron, and Reset creates a Workflow Execution Chain as identified by the first_execution_run_id. Each operation creates a new Workflow Execution inside a Chain run and saves its information as first_execution_run_id. Thus, the Run Id is updated during each operation on a Workflow Execution.

  • The first_execution_run_id is the Run Id of the first Workflow Execution in a Chain run.
  • The original_execution_run_id is the Run Id when the WorkflowExecutionStarted Event occurs.

A Workflow Reset changes the first execution Run Id, but preserves the original execution Run Id. For example, when a new Workflow Execution in the chain starts, it stores its Run Id in original_execution_run_id. A reset does not change that field, but the current Run Id is updated.

Because of that behavior, you should not rely on the current Run Id in your code to make logical choices.

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