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General observability setup with metrics - Temporal Cloud feature guide

This page shows how to do the following:

Configure using the UI

How to configure a metrics endpoint using Temporal Cloud UI


To view and manage third-party integration settings, your user account must have the Global Admin Role.

To assign a certificate and generate your metrics endpoint, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Temporal Cloud UI as a Global Admin.
  2. Go to Settings and select Integrations.
  3. Select Configure Observability (if you're setting it up for the first time) or click Edit in the Observability section (if it was already configured before).
  4. Add your root CA certificate (.pem) and save it. Note that if an observability endpoint is already set up, you can append your root CA certificate here to use the generated observability endpoint in your observability tool.
  5. To test your endpoint, run the following command on your host:
    curl -v --cert <path to your client-cert.pem> --key <path to your client-cert.key> "<your generated Temporal Cloud prometheus_endpoint>/api/v1/query?query=temporal_cloud_v0_state_transition_count"
    If you have Workflows running on a Namespace in your Temporal Cloud instance, you should see some data as a result of running this command.

After the page refreshes, the new metrics endpoint appears below Endpoint, in the form https://<account-id> Use the endpoint to configure your observability tool. For example, if you use Grafana, see Grafana data sources configuration.

You can also query via the Prometheus HTTP API at URLs like:


For example:

$ curl --cert client.pem --key client-key.pem "https://<account-id>" | jq .
"status": "success",
"data": {
"resultType": "vector",
"result": [
"metric": {
"__name__": "temporal_cloud_v0_state_transition_count",
"__rollup__": "true",
"operation": "WorkflowContext",
"temporal_account": "your-account",
"temporal_namespace": "your-namespace.your-account-is",
"temporal_service_type": "history"
"value": [

Configure endpoint using tcld

How to configure a metrics endpoint using the tcld CLI.

To add a certificate to a metrics endpoint, use tcld account metrics accepted-client-ca add.

To enable a metrics endpoint, use tcld account metrics enable.

To disable a metrics endpoint, use tcld account metrics disable.

For more information, see tcld account metrics command.