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Child Workflows - .NET SDK feature guide

Learn how to start a Child Workflow Execution and set a Parent Close Policy using Temporal .NET SDK. Discover methods like ExecuteChildWorkflowAsync and manage Workflow behaviors.

Continue-As-New - .NET SDK feature guide

Learn how to use Continue-As-New with the Temporal .NET SDK to manage Workflow Event Histories, ensuring optimal performance by starting new Executions seamlessly.

Data encryption - .NET SDK feature guide

Learn how to use a custom Payload Codec and Converter in the .NET SDK to modify Temporal Data Conversion behavior, including examples for encryption and camel case conversion.

Debugging - .NET SDK feature guide

Learn how to debug Workflows in development and production environments using Temporal .NET SDK. Utilize logging, debugger, Web UI, CLI, replay, tracing, and more for efficient troubleshooting.

Durable Timers - .NET SDK feature guide

Learn how to set a Durable Timer using the Temporal .NET SDK. Pause Workflow execution for days or months. Timers are persisted and highly resource-efficient using Workflow.DelayAsync.

Observability - .NET SDK feature guide

Explore Temporal SDK observability features for Metrics, Tracing, Logging, and Visibility. Learn to track Workflow Executions, set up Prometheus endpoints, customize metrics, configure tracing, and more.

Schedules - .NET SDK feature guide

Learn how to manage and optimize Scheduled Workflows using the Temporal .NET SDK; Schedule, Create, Backfill, Update, Delete, Describe, List, Pause, Trigger, and use Start Delay options.

Temporal .NET SDK feature guidance

Discover how to utilize Temporal .NET SDK features to develop Temporal Applications, connect to the Temporal Service, test Workflows and Activities, handle failures, send messages, and more.

Temporal Client - .NET SDK feature guide

Learn how to create a Temporal Client, connect to Temporal Cloud, start a Workflow, and get Workflow results using the Temporal .NET SDK with detailed steps and code examples.

Testing - .NET SDK feature guide

The .NET test-suite guide covers Workflow and integration testing for Temporal. It includes end-to-end, integration, and unit testing, emphasizing the use of the test server to optimize test execution.

Versioning - .NET SDK feature guide

Learn how to use the .NET SDK Patching API to safely deploy new code versions, handle deprecated patches, and manage Workflow activities using Temporal for long-running tasks.