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Learn how to handle Cancellations in Temporal Workflows and Activities, set Activity Heartbeat Timeouts, and send Cancellation requests from a Temporal Client in Go.

Core application - Temporal Go SDK feature guide

The Foundations section of the Temporal Developer's guide introduces essential concepts for building and running a Temporal Application, outlining steps to start Workflow and Activity Execution, running development Workers, and installing the Temporal CLI.

Data encryption - Temporal Go SDK feature guide

Learn how to use a custom Payload Codec and Payload Converter in Go. Create custom PayloadCodec implementations, set Data Converters, and apply transformations effectively using the Temporal SDK.

Debugging - Temporal Go SDK feature guide

Use debugger tools and set TEMPORAL_DEBUG to true for debugging Workflow Definitions with the Temporal Go SDK, and debug production Workflows via Web UI, CLI, or tracing.

Observability - Temporal Go SDK feature guide

Explore how to monitor your Temporal Application state using Metrics, Tracing, Logging, and Visibility features. Learn about emitting metrics, configuring tracing, context propagation, customized logging, and utilizing search attributes with the Temporal Go SDK for enhanced Workflow Execution insights.

Temporal Go SDK multithreading

The Temporal Go SDK ensures deterministic multithreading in Workflows using workflow.Go(), avoiding race conditions and eliminating the need for mutexes.

Testing suite - Temporal Go SDK feature guide

The Testing section of the Temporal Application development guide details frameworks for Workflow and integration testing. Learn to create end-to-end, integration, unit tests, and more for Workflows and Activities. Each test runs in an isolated environment, ensuring accurate and reliable testing. Discover how to mock and override Activities, test

Versioning - Temporal Go SDK feature guide

Temporal's Go SDK ensures Workflow determinism through Patching APIs and Worker Versioning. Learn how to update Workflow code without causing non-deterministic issues, understand versioning best practices, and use dynamic configuration parameters for seamless updating of long-running Workflows.