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The Temporal Platform ensures deterministic Workflow code, offering versioning features in the Java SDK with Workflow Patching APIs and Worker Build Ids for efficient updates.


Temporal TypeScript SDK ensures deterministic Workflow code with versioning features like Workflow Patching APIs, Worker Build IDs, and Workflow migration strategies. Learn more with our 30-min video intro.

Versioning - .NET SDK feature guide

Learn how to use the .NET SDK Patching API to safely deploy new code versions, handle deprecated patches, and manage Workflow activities using Temporal for long-running tasks.

Versioning - Python SDK feature guide

Learn how to ensure deterministic Temporal Workflow execution and safely deploy updates using the Python SDK's patching and Worker Versioning APIs, for scalable long-running Workflows.

Versioning - Temporal Go SDK feature guide

Temporal's Go SDK ensures Workflow determinism through Patching APIs and Worker Versioning. Learn how to update Workflow code without causing non-deterministic issues, understand versioning best practices, and use dynamic configuration parameters for seamless updating of long-running Workflows.