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Codec Server - Temporal Platform feature guide

Encrypt data in Temporal Server to secure Workflow, Activity, and Worker information. Use custom Payload Codecs for encryption/decryption, set up Codec Servers for remote decoding, and ensure secure access.

Security model - Temporal Cloud

Temporal Cloud provides robust security for applications, data, and its platform with features like mTLS, client-side encryption, PrivateLink, and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.

Temporal Cloud Pricing

Temporal Cloud offers flexible, predictable pricing for Workflows, Activities, Workers, and storage. Pay for what you use with volume discounts and credit savings.

Temporal Platform security

Discover general security practices of Temporal Technologies, SaaS security with Temporal Cloud, and how to self-host a secure Temporal Platform on our security pages.

Temporal Platform security features

Discover comprehensive security features of the Temporal Platform, including secure network communication with TLS and mTLS, robust authentication, customizable authorization, and single sign-on integration to protect your data and operations.