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Interact with running Workflows using Signals to asynchronously change state or control flow, and Queries to query Workflow state synchronously without mutating it. Define Signals and Queries in your Workflow code for seamless interaction through a Temporal Client.

Messages - Python SDK feature guide

Learn how to develop with Signals, Queries, and Updates using the Python SDK in Temporal. Master defining Signal handlers, customizing names, sending Signals, and handling Queries dynamically.

Temporal CLI workflow command reference

Temporal Workflow commands enable operations on Workflow Executions, such as cancel, count, delete, describe, execute, list, query, reset, reset-batch, show, signal, stack, start, terminate, trace, and update, enhancing efficiency and control.

What is a Temporal Workflow?

This comprehensive guide provides insights into Temporal Workflows, covering Workflow Definitions in various programming languages, deterministic constraints, handling code changes, and ensuring reliability, durability, and scalability in a Temporal Application, with examples and best practices for Workflow Versioning and development.