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Audit Logging - Temporal Cloud feature guide

Audit Logging in Temporal Cloud provides forensic information, integrating with Amazon Kinesis for secure data handling and supporting key Admin and API Key operations. This streamlines audit and compliance processes.

Error Handling and Troubleshooting

Discover effective troubleshooting solutions for potential Temporal errors and edge cases with our comprehensive guides, ensuring smooth Workflow execution and error management.

Troubleshoot blob size limit error

The BlobSizeLimitError occurs when a Workflow's payload exceeds the 2 MB request limit or the 4 MB Event History transaction limit set by Temporal. Reduce blob size via compression or batching.

Troubleshoot deadline-exceeded error

Troubleshoot Temporal Service's Context deadline exceeded errors caused by network issues, server overload, and timing skews. Sync system clocks, check Frontend logs, metrics, Workflow logic, and service health after configurations or restarts. For unresolved issues, contact support.