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Go SDK developer's guide - Features

The Features section of the Temporal Developer's guide provides basic implementation guidance on how to use many of the development features available to Workflows and Activities in the Temporal Platform.

Go SDK developer's guide - Foundations

The Foundations section of the Temporal Go SDK Developer's guide covers the minimum set of concepts and implementation details needed to build and run a Temporal Application in Go – that is, all the relevant steps to start a Workflow Execution that executes an Activity.

Go SDK developer's guide - Observability

Improve observability in your Go-based Temporal Workflows. View which Workflow Executions are tracked by the Temporal Platform and the state of any Workflow Execution.

Go SDK developer's guide - Versioning

The Versioning section of the Temporal Developer's guide covers how to update Workflow Definitions without causing non-deterministic behavior in current long-running Workflows.