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tctl version-next search-attribute command reference

The tctl search-attribute command enables Search AttributeLink preview icon



The tctl search-attribute create command adds one or more custom Search Attributes.

tctl search-attribute create \
--yes \
--name CustomKeywordField --type Keyword \
--name CustomStringField --type Text \
--name CustomTextField --type Text \
--name CustomIntField --type Int \
--name CustomDatetimeField --type Datetime \
--name CustomDoubleField --type Double \
--name CustomBoolField --type Bool \
--name SimulatedFailure --type Bool


The tctl search-attribute list command lists all Search AttributesLink preview icon

that can be used in the --query modifier of the tctl workflow listLink preview icon command.


tctl search-attribute list

The command has no modifiers.

Example output:

           Name               Type
BatcherNamespace Keyword
BatcherUser Keyword
BinaryChecksums Keyword
CloseTime Datetime
CustomBoolField Bool
CustomDatetimeField Datetime
CustomDoubleField Double
CustomIntField Int
CustomKeywordField Keyword
CustomStringField Text
CustomTextField Text
ExecutionDuration Int
ExecutionStatus Keyword
ExecutionTime Datetime
HistoryLength Int
RunId Keyword
StartTime Datetime
StateTransitionCount Int
TaskQueue Keyword
TemporalChangeVersion Keyword
TemporalNamespaceDivision Keyword
TemporalSchedulePaused Bool
TemporalScheduledById Keyword
TemporalScheduledStartTime Datetime
WorkflowId Keyword
WorkflowType Keyword


The tctl search-attribute remove command removes a Search Attribute.

The following modifiers control the behavior of the command. Always include required modifiers when executing this command.