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Version: june-2022

How to add a custom Search Attribute to a Cluster using tctl


The Temporal tctl documentation covers version 1.16 of the Temporal CLI.

Use the following command to add a custom Search Attribute to your Temporal Cluster.

tctl admin cluster add-search-attributes --name <SearchAttributeName> --type <SearchAttributeValueType>

Search Attribute names are case sensitive.

The possible values for --type are:

  • Text
  • Keyword
  • Int
  • Double
  • Bool
  • Datetime

Due to Elasticsearch limitations you can only add new custom Search Attributes but not rename or remove existing ones.

Local testing

If you are adding custom Search Attributes to a Cluster running from the docker-compose-es.yml file in the temporalio/docker-compose repo, make sure to increase the Docker memory to more than 6 GB.