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How to install tctl

The Temporal tctl documentation covers version 1.16 of the Temporal CLI.

You can install tctl in the following ways.

  • Install locally by using Homebrew: brew install tctl
  • Run locally together with Temporal Server in docker-compose: docker exec temporal-admin-tools tctl YOUR COMMANDS HERE
    • To invoke tctl as though it is installed locally (such as tctl namespace describe), set an alias: alias tctl="docker exec temporal-admin-tools tctl"
  • Run the temporal-admin-tools Docker image:
    • On Linux: docker run --rm -it --entrypoint tctl --network host --env TEMPORAL_CLI_ADDRESS=localhost:7233 temporalio/admin-tools:1.14.0
    • On macOS or Windows: docker run --rm -it --entrypoint tctl --env TEMPORAL_CLI_ADDRESS=host.docker.internal:7233 temporalio/admin-tools:1.14.0
    • If your Temporal Server is running on a remote host, change the value of TEMPORAL_CLI_ADDRESS.
    • To simplify command lines, create a tctl alias.
  • Build it locally:
    1. Clone the Temporal Server repo.
    2. Run make tctl.
    3. Copy the tctl executable to any directory that appears in the PATH environment variable; for example, /usr/bin/.
  • Install the latest version of the tctl in your GOPATH: go install

Note: To use tctl, you must have a Temporal Server running.

To see help for tctl commands, enter the following commands.

tctl -hDisplay help for top-level commands and global options
tctl namespace -hDisplay help for Namespace operations
tctl workflow -hDisplay help for Workflow operations
tctl taskqueue -hDisplay help for Task Queue operations