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tctl schedule create

With tctl, create a Schedule like this:

$ tctl config set version next   # ensure you're using the new tctl
$ tctl schedule create \
--sid 'your-schedule-id' \
--interval '5h/15m' \
--cal '{"dayOfWeek":"Fri","hour":"11","minute":"3"}' \
--overlap-policy 'BufferAll' \
--wid 'your-workflow-id' \
--tq 'your-task-queue' \
--type 'YourWorkflowType'

This Schedule takes action every 5 hours at 15 minutes past the hour and also at 11:03 on Fridays. It starts a Workflow YourWorkflowType on Task Queue your-task-queue, giving it a Workflow Id like your-workflow-id-2022-06-17T11:03:00Z. Workflows do not be run in parallel. If they would other overlap, they are buffered to run sequentially.

See tctl schedule create --help for the full set of available options.