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How to set a Schedule-To-Close Timeout in Java

To set a Schedule-To-Close Timeout, use ActivityOptions.newBuilder.setScheduleToCloseTimeout​.

This or StartToCloseTimeout must be set.

  • Type: Duration
  • Default: Unlimited. Note that if WorkflowRunTimeout and/or WorkflowExecutionTimeout are defined in the Workflow, all Activity retries will stop when either or both of these timeouts are reached.

You can set Activity Options using an ActivityStub within a Workflow implementation, or per-Activity using WorkflowImplementationOptions within a Worker. Note that if you define options per-Activity Type options with WorkflowImplementationOptions.setActivityOptions(), setting them again specifically with ActivityStub in a Workflow will override this setting.

  • With ActivityStub

    GreetingActivities activities = Workflow.newActivityStub(GreetingActivities.class,
  • With WorkflowImplementationOptions

    WorkflowImplementationOptions options =