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Temporal Python SDK development documentation

These Temporal Python SDK feature guides aim to show how to use Temporal features when developing Temporal Applications.

Core application

The Core Application feature guide shows how to use the basic building blocks of a Temporal Application (Workflows, Activities, and Workers).

Temporal Client

The Temporal Client feature guide shows how to connect to a Temporal Service and start a Workflow Execution.

Testing suites

The Testing suite feature guide shows how to setup the testing suite and test Workflows and Activities.

Failure detection

The Failure detection feature guide shows how your application can detect failures using timeouts and automatically attempt to mitigate them with retries.


The Workflow messages feature guide shows how to send messages to and read the state of Workflow Executions.


The Cancellation feature guideshows how to cancel a Workflow Execution.

Asynchronous Activity Completion

The Asynchronous Activity Completion feature guide shows how to complete Activities asynchronously.


The Versioning feature guide shows how to change Workflow Definitions without causing non-deterministic behavior in current long-running Workflows.


The Observability feature guide shows how to configure and use the Temporal Observability APIs.


The Debugging feature guide covers the various ways to debug your application.


The Schedules feature guide shows how to schedule Workflows, run Workflows on a Cron, and to delay the start of a Workflow.

Data encryption

The Data encryption feature guide provides guidance on how to support compression, encryption, and other data handling by implementing custom converters and codecs.

Child Workflows

The Child Workflows feature guide shows how to spawn a Child Workflow Execution and handle Child Workflow Events.


The Continue-As-New feature guide shows how to continue the Workflow Execution with a new Workflow Execution using the same Workflow ID.


The Durable Timers feature guide shows how to use Timers and sleep within Workflows.

Interrupt a Workflow Execution

The Interrupt a Workflow feature guide shows how to interrupt a Workflow Execution with a Cancel or Terminate action.