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Using Search APIs in Go


The Go SDK Client offers APIs for searching for and listing Workflows.

Search attributes#

You can provide key-value pairs as SearchAttributes in StartWorkflowOptions. In Go, SearchAttributes are represented as map[string]interface{}. The value provided in the map must be the same type that is registered in the dynamic config.

Value types#

Here are the search attribute value types and their corresponding types in Go:

  • Keyword = string
  • Int = int64
  • Double = float64
  • Bool = bool
  • Datetime = time.Time
  • String = string

Upsert search attributes#

UpsertSearchAttributes is used to add or update search attributes from within Workflow code.

Go samples for search attributes can be found at

UpsertSearchAttributes will merge attributes to the existing map in the Workflow. Consider this example Workflow code:

func MyWorkflow(ctx workflow.Context, input string) error {
attr1 := map[string]interface{}{
"CustomIntField": 1,
"CustomBoolField": true,
workflow.UpsertSearchAttributes(ctx, attr1)
attr2 := map[string]interface{}{
"CustomIntField": 2,
"CustomKeywordField": "seattle",
workflow.UpsertSearchAttributes(ctx, attr2)

After the second call to UpsertSearchAttributes, the map will contain:

"CustomIntField": 2,
"CustomBoolField": true,
"CustomKeywordField": "seattle",

There is no support for removing a field. But, to achieve a similar effect, set the field to some placeholder value. For example, you could set CustomKeywordField to impossibleVal. Then searching CustomKeywordField != 'impossibleVal' will match Workflows with CustomKeywordField not equal to impossibleVal, which includes Workflows without the CustomKeywordField set.

Use workflow.GetInfo to get current search attributes.