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Introduction to the Temporal Server


The Temporal Server is a micro-service orchestration platform. It can be thought of as a layer in your technology stack that exists between your compute servers and your executable source code. It is completely open source and can be run in a variety of cloud or on-premise environments. A single Server instance can be used for many different use cases simultaneously, or be tied to a single application.

Run the Server

How and where you run the Server depends entirely on your use-case, intended environment, and hosting infrastructure.

Choose from the list below to get started:


  • Namespaces: Create basic logical separations within a Temporal cluster, or use Global Namespaces to enable failover across multi-cluster instances.
  • Security: Learn how to keep your self-hosted instance secure with encryption and pluggable auth protocols.
  • Advanced Workflow search: Integrating Elasticsearch enables the use of customizable Search Attributes and complex search queries.
  • Experimental features:
    • Archival: Want to back up your Workflow event history? You can with a cloud provider of your choice.
    • Multi-cluster Replication: Increase availability by asynchronously replicating workflows from active cluster to other passive clusters.

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