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How to manage Namespaces in Temporal Cloud

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Create a Namespace


The user who creates a Namespace is automatically granted Namespace Admin permission for that Namespace.


By default, each account has a quota of 10 Namespaces. If you want to increase this limit, open a support ticket.

Information needed to create a Namespace

To create a Namespace in Temporal Cloud, gather the following information:

Create a Namespace using Temporal Cloud UI

  1. Gather the information listed earlier in Information needed to create a Namespace.
  2. Go to the Temporal Cloud UI and log in.
  3. On the left side of the window, click Namespaces.
  4. On the Namespaces page, click Create Namespace in the upper-right portion of the window.
  5. On the Create Namespace page in Name, enter the Namespace Name.
  6. In Region, select the region in which to host this Namespace.
  7. In Retention Period, specify a value from 1 to 30 days. When choosing this value, consider your needs for Event History versus the cost of maintaining that Event History. Typically, a development Namespace has a short retention period and a production Namespace has a longer retention period. (If you need to change this value later, contact Temporal Support.)
  8. In Certificate, paste the CA certificate for this Namespace.
  9. Click Create Namespace.

Create a Namespace using tcld

This functionality is in development.

Access Namespaces

Each Namespace in Temporal Cloud has two unique endpoints, both of which include the Namespace Id.

  • For programmatic access, a gRPC endpoint in the form <NamespaceId>; for example,
  • For accessing Temporal Web UI, an HTTPS endpoint in the form web.<namespaceId>; for example,

Manage Namespaces

Manage Namespaces in Temporal Cloud using Temporal Cloud UI

This functionality is in development.

Manage Namespaces in Temporal Cloud using tcld

To list Namespaces and get information about them, use the following tcld commands:

To manage certificates, use the tcld namespace accepted-client-ca commands. For more information, see How to manage certificates in Temporal Cloud.

To manage certificate filters, use the tcld namespace certificate-filters commands. For more information, see How to manage certificate filters in Temporal Cloud.