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Temporal Cloud documentation

Temporal Cloud is a managed, hosted Temporal environment that provides a platform for Temporal Applications—an alternative to deploying and operating your own Temporal Cluster.

Temporal Cloud is offered in units of isolation known as Namespaces. You can provision and use one or more Cloud Namespaces. A typical use case is to use separate Namespaces as development, testing, integration, staging, and production environments for an application.

Join the Temporal Cloud waitlist

Access to Temporal Cloud is currently by invitation only. You can join the waitlist.

Temporal Cloud Account Id

A Temporal Cloud Account Id is a unique identifier for a customer for the entire time they use Temporal Cloud. Temporal Technologies assigns each Account Id, which is an opaque code of five or six alphanumeric characters, such as f45a2.

Account-level Roles

When a Global Admin invites a user to join an account, the Global Admin selects one of the following Roles for that user:

  • Global Admin
    • Has full administrative permissions across the account, including users and usage
    • Has Namespace Admin permissions on all Namespaces in the account
  • Developer
    • Can create and update Namespaces; has full control over Workflows
    • Has Namespace Admin permissions for each Namespace created by that user
  • Read-Only: Can only read information

Temporal Cloud Namespace Name

A Cloud Namespace Name is a customer-supplied name for a Namespace in Temporal Cloud. Each Namespace Name, such as accounting-production, is unique within the scope of a customer's account. It cannot be changed after the Namespace is provisioned.

Each Namespace Name must conform to the following rules:

  • A Namespace Name must contain at least 2 characters and no more than 34 characters.
  • A Namespace Name must begin with a letter, end with a letter or number, and contain only letters, numbers, and the hyphen (-) character.
  • Each hyphen (-) character must be immediately preceded and followed by a letter or number; consecutive hyphens are not permitted.
  • All letters in a Namespace Name must be lowercase.

Temporal Cloud Namespace Id

A Cloud Namespace Id is a globally unique identifier for a Namespace in Temporal Cloud. A Namespace Id is formed by concatenating the following:

  1. A Namespace Name
  2. A period (.)
  3. The Account Id to which the Namespace belongs

For example, for the Account Id f45a2 and Namespace Name accounting-production, the Namespace Id is accounting-production.f45a2.

Namespace-level permissions

A Global Admin can assign permissions for any Namespace in an account. A Developer can assign permissions for a Namespace they create.

For a Namespace, a user can have one of the following permissions:

  • Namespace Admin: Can create and edit Namespaces; can create, rename, update, and delete Workflows
  • Write: Can create, rename, update, and delete Workflows within the Namespace
  • Read-Only: Can only read information from the Namespace