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How to monitor Temporal Cloud metrics

Beyond the metrics provided by the Temporal SDKs, some key metrics exist only in Temporal Cloud. You can use your own observability tool to query an endpoint and review Namespace metrics.

To ensure security of your metrics, a CA certificate dedicated to observability is required. Only clients that use certificates signed by that CA, or that chain up to the CA, can query the metrics endpoint. For more information about CA certificates in Temporal Cloud, see Certificate requirements.

Configure a metrics endpoint using Temporal Cloud UI


To view and manage third-party integration settings, your user account must have the Global Admin Role.

To assign a certificate and generate your metrics endpoint, follow these steps:

  1. In Temporal Cloud UI, click Settings.
  2. On the Settings page in the Observability card, click Configure Observability. (If observability is already configured, the Edit link appears instead.)
  3. In Certificates, paste a base64-encoded CA certificate PEM block.
  4. Click Generate endpoint.

After the page refreshes, the new metrics endpoint appears below Endpoint. Use the endpoint to configure your observability tool.

Configure a metrics endpoint using tcld

To add a certificate to a metrics endpoint, use tcld account metrics accepted-client-ca add.

To enable a metrics endpoint, use tcld account metrics enable.

To disable a metrics endpoint, use tcld account metrics disable.

Available performance metrics

Temporal tracks the following metrics for your various Namespaces.

  • temporal_cloud_v0_frontend_service_error_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_frontend_service_request_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_poll_success_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_poll_success_sync_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_poll_timeout_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_service_latency_bucket
  • temporal_cloud_v0_service_latency_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_service_latency_sum
  • temporal_cloud_v0_state_transition_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_total_action_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_workflow_cancel_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_workflow_continued_as_new_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_workflow_failed_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_workflow_success_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_workflow_terminate_count
  • temporal_cloud_v0_workflow_timeout_count

Metrics for all Namespaces in your account are available from the metrics endpoint. The temporal_namespace label identifies the Namespace that is associated with each metric so that each user can build their own dashboard to meet their needs.

Metrics lag real-time performance by approximately one minute.

We retain raw metrics for seven days.